Hi Guys!! I'm BBW Bunny. My real name is Bailey and this is the beginning of my little space on the internet!

I'm a BBW who loves being naughty, so I decided to turn my adventures into a website! I've been busy taking LOTS and LOTS of pictures that I can't wait to share with you! I love knowing you're looking at me! I know we are going to have A LOT of fun together here!!

I'm not your average BBW either, I looooooooove being spoiled! Nothing turns me on more than getting gifts from my fans!! Jewelry, Candy, Lingerie.. you name it. You can even send me money right through Niteflirt, so I can go shopping and buy lots of yummy things to eat!! Oh wait, I forgot to tell you about Niteflirt, didn't I??

So what is Niteflirt you're asking me? It's a way for you and I to talk to each other on the phone! When you sign up, you get 3 minutes free and we can talk about anything you want! You can also spoil me and send me money right through the site!! How awesome is that?!? So how do you sign up? Just click this link!!

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I Know You Love To See Pics Of My Feet And Toes. Spoil Me With A Pedicure!
I know you love looking at my cute little toes! Imagining them in your mouth as you suck and lick them! Getting them all wet and slippery, so they are ready to fullfill your ultimate fantasy... wrapping my feet around your hard cock and giving you the most amazing foot job of your life! I can't wait to feel your hot cum shooting all over my perfectly painted toes!